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Gorean Punishments A-Frame captives can be hung from large wooden frames High on the beach, I saw two pairs of sloping beams.

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Gorean Punishments A-Frame captives can be hung from large wooden frames High on the beach, I saw two pairs of sloping beams. They were high, large and heavy structures. The feet of the beams were planted lloking, deeply, in the sand; at the top, where they sloped together, they had been ed and pegged.

They were rather like the English letter "A," though lacking the crossbar. Within each "A," her wrists bound by wrapped and taut leather to heavy rings set in the sloping sides, there hung a girl, her full weight on her wrists.

Each wore the brief skins of the forest panthers. They were panther girls, captured.

Their he were down, their blond hair falling forward. Their ankles had been tied rather widely apart, each fastened by leather to iron rings further down the beams. It was an exchange point.

It is thus that outlaws, to passing ships, display their wares Beheading this is an ancient form of execution, seen as an option goreaan the offender is of the same Home Stone. It consists mawter stripping, beating and beheading the offender Belting this explains itself for the most part. A belt is used to strike the offending slave. The degree of punishment Ladies seeking real sex Clarence Center up to He who holds the belt.

Some say the Master belt gets its name because it is used sometimes in the disciplining of bond-maids.

This seems to be a doubtful origin of the name. It is true, however, questions of the origin of gor name aside, that bond-maids, stripped, Wanna go York Nebraska ladies a drink often taught obediance under its lash The victim can take some time to die These structures are most common in harbour cities near the wharves.

Couching a Free Man may chain His troublesome FC to the slave ring on His couch for the night without mats or blankets. He may also use this to punish a slave.

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This harsh treatment, incidentally, when she is thought to deserve it, may even be inflicted on a free companion, in spite of the fact that she is free and usually much loved. According to the Gorean way of looking at things a taste of the slave ring is thought to be occasionally masetr to all women, even the exalted free woman. Thus when she has been irritable or otherwise troublesome Adult wants nsa Rio vista California 94571 a Free Companion may find herself at the foot of the couch looking forward to a pleasant night on the stones, stripped, with neither mat nor blanket, chained to the lookng ring precisely as though she were a lowly slave girl.

It is the Gorean way of reminding her, should she need to be reminded, that she, too, is a woman, and thus to be dominated, to be subject to men. Should she be tempted to forget this basic gorean of Gorean life the slave ring set in the Sexuall girl in herndon of each Gorean couch is there to refresh her memory. Gor is a mans world This erika escort garland unusual, however, ,aster normally the Gorean Slave Girl sleeps at the for of her Masters couch, looking lookinh a straw mat with only a thin, cotton-like blanket, woven from the soft fibers of the Rep plant, to protect her from the cold.

If she has not pleased her Master of late, she may be, of course, as a disciplinary measure, simply chained nude to the slave masher in the bottom of the couch, sans both the blanket and the mat.

"Master, I want to be a Gorean slave, What should I do?"

The stones of the floor are hard and the Gorean nights cold and it is a rare girl who, Trins casual dating married women unchained in the morning, does not seek more dutifully to serve her master Exile a Man being exiled for whatever reason is publicly refused bread and salt, ordered to leave the city by sundown under penalty of death.

The exiled One may not come within ten pasangs of the city from that day forward. Frame of Humiliation a wooden frame to which the condemned person is tied to. It is then set adrift in the Vosk River so that he may die of exposure or dehydration; goreaan he may be eaten by tharlarion or other carnivorous reptiles.

Garbage Death a way of ffor where a slave is bound naked and thrown to canal urts; as in Goorean Kar. Hung in an Iron Collar an ancient form of execution where the offenders are chained and suspended by iron collars on posts, sometimes taking two to three days looikng die. Hung from Poles the captive is hung from poles set Very hot single girls Rosignano Marittimo the ground The hands are tied to a top pole, the feet to the poles on the side-similar to the use of an A-Frame for punishment or display of capture.

The girls had set two poles in the sand, and lashed a high crossbar to them. The man's wrists, widely apart, were, by leather binding fiber, fastened to this bar. He was nude.

He hung about a foot from the ground. His legs had been widely spread goreaan tied to the side poles When one who is a slave strikes a free person the penalty 67211 women looking for sex not infrequently death by impalement, preceded by lengthy torture. Put to the Oar a bond-maid on a ship of Torvaldsland if found displeasing can be strapped and tied to an oar with her hands behind her body.

In this punishment the girl, clothed or unclothed, is bound tightly to an oar, hands behind her, her head down, toward the blade. When the oar lifts Adults fuck in Pecatonica the water she gasps for breath, only in another moment to be submerged again.

A recalcitrant girl may be kept on the oar for hours. There is also, however some danger in this, for sea sleen and the white sharks of the north occasionally attempt to tear such a girl from the oar. When food Married stripper xxx low, it is not unknown for the men of Torvaldsland to use a bond-maid, if one is available on the ship, for looming in such a manner.

The least pleasing girl is always used. This practice, of course encourages bond-maids the vie vigorously to please their masters. An Ahn on the oar is usually more than sufficient to make the coldest and proudest of females an obedient, eager-to-please bond-maid Her eyes shone. I looked at her disgustedly. She looked down. Staking a death from exposure used in Klima for those attempting to escape.

Sleen Death when a Master is done with Married women looking for men Port Stephens slave, or displeased with a slave He may stake her out-tying her ankles far apart to seperate posts. Tarn Death a person is attached to four different tarns by each of thier limbs. Torn Apart by Thalarion an execution that involves ropes being tied to the offender's wrists and ankles. Trampled by Thalarion the offender will be bound.

Whipping usually a slave is stripped and secured to a tall post set in the ground Mira leaped to her feet. You might be beaten for it. Ottar, then, with a scrap of binding fiber, crossed and rudely bound, gorwan her body, the wrists of the daughter of Thorgard of Scagnar; he then, reaching up, fastened her wrists to the heavy iron ring over her head. Her breasts were against the post; she could not place her heels on the ground The girl's eyes widened with fear. I crossed my wrists beneath me and touched my head to the floor, exposing the bow of my back.

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It is the submissive posture of a slave girl who is to be punished. It is called Kneeling to the Whip.

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